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We are happy to announce that Russ Hudson is coming back to Japan this year (2023) to give a 2 day Enneagram workshop as follows.


2 day Enneagram workshop with Russ Hudson

Date: Nov.3 (Fri., National Holiday) - 4 (Sat.)

Venue: Rengo-Kaikan(Ochanomizu,Tokyo)


For details: http://www.enneagram-japan.com/english/workshop/index.html

We hope you can join us in Tokyo for this precious opportunity to study and practice together with Russ.


About Russ Hudson and Enneagram Institute

Russ Hudson is one of the leading teachers and a best-selling author of Enneagram in the world.
The Enneagram is internationally known as one of the most effective systems for self-discovery and personal growth and has been used extensively in the fields of psychology, business, coaching and counseling.

The system brings remarkable understandings to the worldviews, motivations and characteristics of 9 basic personality types. It specifically shows the habitual thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns that limit one's potentiality as well as specific ways to develop one's natural talents.

In our rapidly changing global societies, there is a critical need for deepening and developing human understanding which is flexible, and firmly rooted in the natural integrity of individual people. The journey of self-discovery with the Enneagram is a source of deep understanding of ourselves and the wisdom of the other people in our lives.

Russ Hudson of The Enneagram Institute will visit Japan again this fall (the first time in 4 years).

The institute is the leading organization in the field and its site was named by Time Magazine as one of the 8 Hottest Personality Test Sites.

Russ Hudson's teachings are based on extensive research and provide the most comprehensive, clear and practical approach available.

His workshops and training are highly recommended for both professionals and lay people; business people, counselors and care givers, educators and anyone who seek for self knowledge and personal growth to improve the quality of their life and relationships.




Training Program 

For more information and application,

Please contact:The Enneagram Institute, Japan

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